Your Performance Partner for Maximum Enterprise and Personal Success

SPA is a Profit Performance Company that Leverages Both Analytics and Training to Master Your Company’s Profit Opportunity. We believe that profit maximization is driven primarily by human performance – which requires a mature understanding of the complementary roles of analytics as well as training. Many companies in our space see profit solutions as pure technology plays. They lack the holistic vision of training and tools that ensures true profit mastery in B2B spaces where human beings are still the critical differentiator. What difference does it make to provide your sellers or buyers with target prices if you haven’t armed them with the professional skills to master the persuasion or negotiation that ultimately determines success? This is the dirty little secret of the analytics industry – to which our competitors have no answer.

Profit Maximization is really all about Setting and Getting: not only analytical tools but also continuous, skill-building training. We price all of our analytical and training solutions based on their demonstrated return on investment. SPA’s industry-seasoned Profit Specialists collaborate with your team to develop a customized Profit Roadmap that blends the appropriate mix, sequence, and timing of analytics and training. We provide the analytical tools and engaging & interactive live and online training to drive continuous improvements in adoption and thus profit improvement. We engage in continuous Client Profit Reviews to aid our clients in establishing the processes and culture of performance accountability.

To Maximize Profits: Deploy Analytics, Workflow Tools & Daily Team Training to Buy Low, Sell High, and Sell More

SPA was founded in 1993 by David Bauders, a pioneer in the field of Strategic Pricing. SPA has assisted over 1,000 businesses over the last 25 years. As the industry shifted from consulting to analytical tools and big data and now to behavioral/AI, SPA has pioneered the client-centric approach to profit mastery. SPA was the first company to embrace the critical success driver of team training, launching our training business SPASIGMA, in 2015. SPA has built a world-class training business that incorporates seasoned Negotiation Masters who provide both live and virtual training to ensure that your buyers, sellers, and other profit-driving employees are armed with the skills to truly maximize profits.

With a creative team based in Hollywood, SPASIGMA provides engaging, entertaining daily learning objects that enable your entire team to improve the human skills that drive performance. We do so using cutting edge live and virtual learning technology that drives true mastery using smart phones in as little as 5 minutes per day.