The SPA Approach

Don’t let someone sell you an app to solve a behavioral challenge! SPA provides not just prescriptive selling & purchasing analytical tools but critically also integrates continuous skills training to drive improved profitability in complex, negotiated-price B2B markets. Real profit-boosting performance requires a seamless blend of Setting tools & Getting training. Without training, tools are a flashy distraction. Without analytics, training lacks focus. SPA provides you with the total package to foster high-performance employees who boost profits.

Profit Maximization is really all about Setting and Getting: not only analytical tools but also continuous, skill-building training. We price all of our analytical and training solutions based on their demonstrated return on investment. SPA’s industry-seasoned Profit Specialists collaborate with your team to develop a customized Profit Roadmap that blends the appropriate mix, sequence, and timing of analytics and training. We provide the analytical tools and engaging & interactive live and online training to drive continuous improvements in adoption and thus profit improvement. We engage in continuous Client Profit Reviews to aid our clients in establishing the processes and culture of performance accountability.

Sustainable Improvements in Human Performance through Prescriptive Analytics & Continuous Skills Training

The Setting Side: Prescriptive Analytics
Buy Low, Sell High

Every day, your Sales and Purchasing teams determine your company’s profitability through the skills and tools they bring to bear in thousands of critical decisions they make. Which accounts or vendors to call, which products to sell or purchase, what prices to negotiate, how to adapt their tactics to the negotiation landscape or individual personalities they face.

Too often, these daily decisions lack either science-based tools. Without prescriptive analytics, the most season selling or purchasing team lacks appropriate guidance. Front-line employees need science-based workflow tools that get them the right information they need, at their fingertips at the moment they need it. To avoid cost-plus or guessing games, Prescriptive Analytics are critical. SPA provides the full suite to ensure you are set up to always sell high and buy low.

The Getting Side: Negotiation Mastery, Personality, Profit Mastery
Buy Low, Sell High

Every day, your Sales and Purchasing teams determine your company’s profitability through the skills they bring to bear in thousands of critical negotiations they face: which customer or vendor to call, which product to buy or sell, what at what prices. In addition, they struggle with how to adapt their negotiation tactics to the competitive landscape or personalities or they face. They succeed or fail at tilting that landscape in their favor.

Sadly, over 90 percent of sellers and buyers have received ZERO days of professional negotiation training in the last 12 months. Too often, they make daily decisions lacking negotiation mastery, an understanding of the personalities of the individuals on the other side of the table, or how their decisions will affect their company’s profitability.

Without continuous training and behavioral metrics, exceptions overtake the rules, and actual performance tends toward the bottom of prescriptive ranges.