Strategic Pricing Associates


Our Process:

We work with your team to think strategically about pricing; segment your markets; analyze your invoice data; and rebuild your pricing structures to maximize your profitability. We help you build the guidelines and process metrics to ensure effective execution. We help you train your sales force in the practical and cultural dimensions of this process.

Our Process works best for companies with:

Significant Customer-Level Complexity
Hundreds to thousands or more customers; and/or multiple markets with differing price sensitivites
Significant Product-Level Complexity
Hundreds to thousands or more products or service combinations
Price Variability due to Sales Rep discounting practices

Why it Works:

We identify under-priced customer-product combinations using our proprietary customer indexing analyses and customer and product sensitivity analyses. Using your invoice data, we analyze every customer pricing transaction to assemble a recommended architecture of price levels to improve your customer- and product-level price structures, as well as your consistency of execution. We help you spot leakage points in your pricing, and master your pricing process.

Our recommendations take into account where your pricing is today, while building a plan to migrate to more profitable pricing performance levels. We help you build these pricing structures in your own enterprise system, avoiding exhausting, costly software integration projects or time-consuming, distracting consulting engagements.