George E. Booth Co.

We are a $30 million distributor based in Indianapolis. We have 40 employees and cover a four state area including Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky, and Tennessee. We have 1200-1500 customers in five major segments, and sell process instrumentation products and automated valves and piping.

Clearly, everyone partners with SPA to improve margin and increase profitability. And we saw those improvements. SPA helped us shift away from cost-plus pricing to a more rational, value-based pricing approach that delivered immediate benefit. But there were other significant, longer-term benefits too. We now have a strategic process and plan in place for future pricing decisions, and we know how to do it. Additionally, going through this process has improved our culture and relationships and created closer connections between management and our employees.

SPA has been a great teacher. They encouraged us to ask questions and always made sure we understood what they were doing. We learned a lot about pricing in the process, and we will continue to push forward and do this better with each pricing change.

Alan Peterson, General Manager

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