Alameda Electrical Distributors

Alameda Electrical Distributors

Our principal business segment is electrical and our principal vendors are Square D, Appleton, Southwire, Hoffman, Lithonia, and General Electric. Our principal products are switchgear, lighting, automation, pipe, wire, fittings, and miscellaneous electrical.

After working with SPA we averaged between a 2%-3% increase on our gross margin.  Since implementation of the program we have seen a bottom-line improvement of over $225,000 in nine months with additional improvements every month.

Prior to working with SPA, we had a history and long term trend of margin erosion. Once we implemented SPA, that trend not only ended, it reversed. The timing of this program could not have been better based on the current economic conditions our industry is facing.

The best part of working with SPA is the knowledge and the data. Although our team has a solid understanding of pricing and where the opportunities were, SPA brought a level of technical skill we simply don’t have internally.  It would have taken us weeks, if not months, to compile the data and conduct the analysis to show us where the real opportunities were.  Working with them allowed us to isolate and quickly focus on the opportunities.  And knowing we are maximizing our margin opportunities and we have a process in place that works allows us to work on improvements in other areas of our business.

We attended a trade show recently and discussed the SPA program and the benefits we’ve realized.  People were upset they did not know about or implement this program sooner in their companies.

The program is great and the timing couldn’t have been better for us! We would absolutely recommend SPA to other distributors.

Greg Berkowitz, Director of Operations

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