C. H. Briggs Company

C.H. Briggs

Our principal business is specialty building products. Our principal vendors are DuPont for premium surfacing products; Knape & Vogt, Amerock and 3M for hardware products and production supplies; and Panolam, Atlantic Veneer, and Roseburg for board and panel products.

With the implementation of SPA’s pricing model, we achieved a 1.5% improvement in gross margin in the first year. This improvement had an annual positive impact of $600K to our bottom line.

The level of customer pushback or resistance to pricing changes has been minimal. During the execution of the pricing model, SPA invested time in training our sales force in the principles of the model and included them as participants in the rollout.  This helped dramatically to secure their buy-in to the change.

SPA has helped us maintain a strong ROI for the shareholder in a shrinking market.  They have given us a comprehensive pricing program which includes not only a process but also a strategy, which we never had before working with them.

We highly recommend SPA to other distributors looking to maintain solid profitability in a difficult economic environment.

Don Schalk, President & COO

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