Wiring, light fixtures, valves, pipe, pumps, wrenches, mops, bulbs and motors. We’ve helped price it all and everything in between to help lift profit margins.

For nearly 25 years, we’ve helped more than 400 distributors and 200 manufacturers across many industries become more profitable through the application of pricing analytics and training.

Distributors and manufacturers face an ever-increasing disruption to their familiar ways of doing business. In a perpetually thin-margin environment, new forces are putting additional pressures on profitability, and indeed the very viability, of many companies. The increasing importance of e-commerce, transparency of markets & pricing, industry consolidation of both vendors and competitors, generational shifts in the workforce, social media, and social selling – all add up to an imperative to sharpen the performance of your business.

SPA has helped hundreds of companies across all main verticals increase profitability with analytics and training. We have deep experience in Electrical, Plumbing, HVAC, Fluid Power, Jan San, Medical Supplies and Building Materials, among others. Data points out that the most effective way to drive higher revenue is to strategically increase prices – and defend them. This is true for distributors and manufacturers.