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    “As an Industrial Distributor with a record of fifty-five consecutive profitable years, we thought we knew both how to operate a business and price products. As the SPA Pricing Program was implemented, we moved from being skeptics to believers as we saw a 2% overall gain in gross margin before the first year, and after three years margin growth continues!”

  • “Strategic Pricing is the single bottom-line program…in my 35-year career! It allows us an opportunity to reinvest in the growth of our business.”

  • “The SPA Program is the highest impact most bottom line-enhancing program I have seen in my entire 35-year career! The increased margin has give us the opportunity to reinvest in the growth of our business.”

  • “Over the years we have tried to apply some basic Strategic Pricing principles to our business. Last year it took a dedication to the process from the whole organization, which has resulted in significant gains in profitability. We look forward to working with Strategic Pricing Associates for a long time to come…”

  • “A big benefit we have received from Strategic Pricing is having a strategy for our pricing. It was difficult to say exactly how we decided on pricing for our customers before Strategic Pricing. Today we are three margin points ahead of last year.”

  • “Strategic Pricing is now a way of life at our company. We have embraced SPA’s principles and strategies and the financial impact will be everlasting.”