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The Epicor-SPA Program

Epicor and SPA have collaborated to develop an add-on Strategic Pricing Module and related data services. Our partnership offers you these great features:

  • Efficiently set up, maintain, control, and monitor Cube-based pricing architecture
  • Export data to SPA for analysis
  • After review/modification, import The SPA Pricing Cube™ directly into P21/Eclipse/Prelude
  • Epicor sale of software and annual maintenance
  • SPA sale of periodic data services and related training: sensitivity ratings (annual) and recommended Cube values (periodic)
  • Silver, Gold, Platinum versions have increasing impact
  • SPA service pricing is tiered based on number of Epicor ERP users

YouTube Video: Strategic Pricing for Wholesale Distributors

This is an excerpt from a presentation given by David Bauders, President of Strategic Pricing Associates, Inc., at Activant's Summit 2009 conference in which he discusses the problems with a typical wholesale distributor's pricing structure and how pricing analytics can result in an increased net profit up to 50% in tough economic times.

The process is very simple:

  • Distributor submits 12 months of invoice data to SPA for analysis to develop recommendations at the customer/product/service level
  • Distributor forms a pricing team to lead and maintain the process:
  • Owner/General Manager, IT, Head of Sales, Pricing Manager or Controller

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