SPA Webcasts

Join us as we discuss how SPA’s Strategic Pricing Program offers significant margin improvement opportunities and can lead your company to pricing excellence.

Attendees will learn how to address the following all too common issues and opportunities for increasing profitability:

  • Customer relationships focused on product/service value, not price
  • Identifying and capturing available margin premiums
  • Identifying price-sensitive products and services
  • Improving sales reps' confidence in prices
  • Stopping undisciplined discounting
  • Tracking metrics for sales force accountability
  • Improving pricing consistency and fairness

These webcasts draw on SPA’s experience working with hundreds of companies to drive 2-4 margin point improvements on affected revenue with minimal customer pushback.

Our webcasts attendees learn about the SPA proven Strategic Pricing approach to increasing margins. There is no cost to attend.

Webcast Topics include:

  • Top Strategic Pricing Opportunities in Fluid Power
  • SPA Pricing Cube: Improving Margins Through a More Strategic Approach to Pricing
  • SPA Pricing Cube: Increasing Margins by Upgrading to Gold
  • Platinum Pricing Engine: Learn How to Leverage the Platinum Analytical Pricing Engine to Drive Profitable Growth
  • Reporting Tool: Measure Achieved and Potential Margin Impact of Strategic Pricing
  • Contract Management Tool: Workflow Tool for Automated Management of Contracts & Special Pricing Agreements
  • Six Sigma Strategic Pricing Course: How to Leverage 6 Sigma Methodology to Drive Profitable Growth
  • Strategic Costing
  • SPASigma: Negotiation Training Seminars and Learning Management System
  • Implementing Strategic Pricing for Non Stock and Rockwell Business
  • SPA Vendor Management Tool: Identify Cost Savings Opportunities
  • e-Commerce: Learn How to Strategically Price Your e-commerce Business to Capture Market Share or Capture More Margin
  • Price Banding: Automated Tools to Assist Sales Team Drive Margin and Commission Growth
  • Maximizing Profits - You Get What You Can Negotiate
  • SPASigma Personality Quotient Training

On-Demand Webinars

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