Our Partnership with

SPA and Phocas have joined forces to offer distributors and manufacturers a combination of high impact, profit-maximizing analytics with prescriptive pricing, sales and purchasing optimization tools. This partnership will drive significant economic value to our clients in today’s Cognitive Era, where analytical and behavioral sciences are rapidly converging, driving change management and long-term enterprise value.

The partnership combines Phocas’ much-loved intelligent, intuitive data analytics solution with SPA’s market-leading pricing, sales and purchasing optimization analytics. The SPA x Phocas integrated solution leverages companies’ rich transactional data to push prescriptive, actionable recommendations directly to the employee who is empowered to implement them. With the SPA x Phocas partnership, finally, every sales rep will be able to create more value for their customers and capture more value for their company.

The SPA x Phocas partnership focuses on driving profitable growth and enterprise value for Industrial B2B companies. Each of SPA’s prescriptive pricing, sales and purchasing analytics broadly drives profit improvements equal to 200 to 400 basis points on affected revenue, or $2 million to $4 million in incremental annual profit for every $100 million of sales. The SPA x Phocas partnership will thus unlock enormous economic value for Industrial B2B companies who act upon and sustain these levers of profitable growth.