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With this collaboration, your CRM system can quickly become a profit-boosting tool. Customer quotation and pricing are a complex challenge for any distributor or manufacturer with thousands of products and hundreds of customers. Sales reps struggle daily with identifying and communicating the optimal price: the price that maximizes the intersection of profitability and competitiveness. Leveraging pricing analytics within your existing quoting tools can quickly lead to increased profitable growth. Tour de Force Inc. and SPA formed this partnership to foster faster, more profitable quoting, integrated directly into the CRM platform.

The Tour de Force Quote to Order (QTO) Optimization powered by SPA Pricing Analytics solution will help companies boost profits by incorporating optimized pricing guidance directly into clients’ workflow processes, streamlining the and conversion-to-order process.
The TdF/SPA QTO solution enables sales reps to boost profitability by 2-4 percent of affected sales ($2 to $4 million per $100 million of affected revenue). As the average distributor earns only 4% EBITDA as a percent of sales, this solution can potential boost earnings and enterprise value by 50 percent or more, with no added workflow complexity.