Imagine how valuable it would be if the next salesperson you hired could learn the most critical tips and tricks directly from the other sellers in your organization who excel in each specific area of your selling process.

SPA Empower is a mobile-friendly knowledge-sharing and communication platform built for today’s fast-moving organizations. Distributed sales teams need simple, actionable and road-tested insights to aid in communicating value and managing customer relationships. These are the types of insights the team collectively knows but traditionally had no way to share with one another.

SPA Empower uses engaging, mobile-friendly video to connect your customer-facing team members with one another to create a powerful dialog of best practices, customer and market segment insights. Couple these insights with targeted professional skills training from SPASIGMA and Empower can allow you to shorten the on-boarding window for new hires and drive better execution across your entire sales organization. On top of that, Empower has coaching functionality baked into its DNA to enable managers to engage directly with their teams and drive results.


  • Peer-to-peer market and customer insights Your experienced sellers know more about buyer personas, customer needs and specific customer tactics than you could ever teach through a centralized training program. In addition, these insights are constantly changing in some cases and your teams need to react as quickly as the marketplace does.
  • Value proposition practice and sharing How often do your sellers truly rehearse their value propositions as they apply to different buyer personas or market segments? Encouraging type of practice and sharing of best practices is a fundamental feature of the Empower platform.
  • Coaching Each video posted where a value proposition, talk track or elevator pitch is shared can be scored for effectiveness, clarity, and any other important characteristics you and your team strive for.
  • Leadership and corporate communication Mass emails and voicemails can be a thing of the past when executives, sales leadership and other key corporate personnel can share news and thoughts directly to the team through recorded video. Video is a far more authentic and engaging medium for getting messages like these out.
  • Product positioning Products on promotion or new product launches can be supported by sharing thoughts directly from the sellers. What’s working? What challenges are the team encountering? The team can help each other dial in the script and even get additional input and support from product managers where needed, all in the platform.
  • SPASIGMA skills training When it’s time to focus energy on building key selling skills that make the difference in your team’s success, SPASIGMA virtual training programs are designed to integrate seamlessly into the Empower platform. These high-quality programs offer additional interactive, discussion-enhancing content to include your team in the learning process. As an example, participants in the programs are prompted to submit their own thoughts and real-life experiences that relate to the approaches being taught within the courses.

The key to leveraging each of these value content types is that every piece of content uploaded to the platform is tagged, indexed, searchable and can be extremely valuable when needed weeks, months or years later by another employee. Imagine searching for a product name or market segment and discovering dozens of videos posted to share all aspects of experience selling that product or to that segment. Your company’s best practices no longer have to be distributed through a traditional “game of telephone”; let the important stories be told, shared, and consumed by your entire team.


idea of collecting the most important, valuable sales stories and capturing them within the Empower platform may seem like a tall task. Rest assured, SPA has a carefully-designed approach to ensure the right stories are captured and that you will reap the benefits of spreading this knowledge.

How it works:

Experienced SPA data analysts study transactional data to find where the valuable insights are in your business. The goal is to find which sellers excel in critical market segments, product lines, and stages of customer engagement.

  • SPA returns a detailed report of its findings for you to review and curate.
  • Communication request templates are available for you to request the involved sellers to log in and share each specific story.
  • Once these critical stories found in your Knowledge Blueprint™ are uploaded and organized, it’s time for your entire team to log in, see the examples set by contributors and begin participating as a whole to continue to organically grow the knowledge base.

Contact SPA to learn more about the SPA Empower platform to discover how it can connect your teams to one another and share the most important insights across your entire organization.