The SPA Pricing Cube™ - The Best Investment in Wholesale Distribution

Distributor managers, like you, get dozens of calls every week. They catch you off guard. Before you can politely say "No thanks," the fast talking guy on the other end spews dozens of facts and then drops his mega-bomb. The bomb is, "Our product is the absolute best, rock-solid investment on the planet." Hanging up the phone, you quietly return to important work. We at Strategic Pricing Associates (SPA) would never make that claim. But, our clients do. And they don't quietly tell us, they openly share the news with friends, colleagues and sometimes competitors.

Truthfully, no matter how many times we hear it, we still blush with pride. Distributors, just like you, come to our Pricing Strategy Seminars and openly talk about implementing our process in panel discussions. Inevitably one of the seminar attendees will ask, "How long did it take to pay back your investment?" A few weeks, six weeks, a couple of months are the most common responses. Eyebrows raise, a general hush comes across the room, and one of the distributors on the panel blurts, "SPA is the best investment we've ever made."

Think about it. What would happen if you raised your gross margin by two full points? SPA helps distributors do just that, building a sustainable margin advantage. By combining the strength of a scientific computer algorithm, profit building processes, training and metrics from their own invoice data, SPA clients typically drive two full points of gross margin improvement.

Unlike sales growth, gross margin growth requires no new sales people, no extra warehouse equipment or additional delivery vehicles. Margin increases impact your bottom line and power up your shareholder equity like nothing else in distribution.

All of this happens quickly and without stress and strain on your IT staff. Strategic Pricing Associates' alliance with Epicor enables near seamless download of your company's historical data. And, SPA's Pricing Cube™ uploads directly into your Eclipse System. All without the "porting and programming" hassles you would otherwise expect. Gross Margin improvements typically begin to flow in 90 days with a minimum of effort from your internal team.

Come chat about our unique process. We invite you to one of our Pricing Strategy Seminars, where we suspect you'll hear the words (and we quote), "The Strategic Pricing Associates process is the best investment in distribution."