Provide Your Sellers With Valuable Insights To Engage Customers To Drive Profitable Account Growth

Provide your sellers with valuable insights to engage customers to drive profitable account growth

AccountGPS™ provides data about customers’ sales trends, mix patterns, share of wallet and vitality statistics, and gives your sales team the tools they need to protect valued but at-risk customers, to nurture high-potential accounts, and to maximize wallet share from every account.

The AccountGPS™ solution addresses four of the most common challenges that determine revenue and profit growth.

SPA's AccountGPS™ Solution:

  • Uncovers opportunities to earn more business. Account GPS analyzes your customers’ transaction data and identifies product-mix gaps – specific product categories where certain customers are spending less than peer customers. These insights guide your sales reps to have productive conversations about what to buy and why.
  • Identifies downward sales trends. When sales begin to decline in a segment, your reps need to know sooner rather than later. AccountGPS™ identifies those declining segments and alerts your reps, so they can consult with the customer, learn the reasons why and address any problems that have emerged before those problems take root and grow.
  • Prevents customer defections. AccountGPS™ scores each customer on key vitality statistics: how strong is your relationship, and how is it trending? The scores give your managers and reps an early warning system, allowing sales reps to engage and rescue customers who may be about to defect. With that knowledge, sales reps can investigate the problem, and repair the relationship before it’s too late.
  • Enables Customer Nurturing to Harness Growth: AccountGPS™ alerts your reps to accounts that merit greater attention due to their exceptional underlying growth indicators. Nurturing these accounts provides a richer market mix and greater long-term growth positioning.

Develops long-term vision to maximize sales growth. AccountGPS™ uses peer sales data to calculate your total share with each customer. That means sales leaders have the information they need to create an action plan to convert small or under-maximized customers to your