Advanced Pricing Analytics Software

The SPA Pricing Cube™: Versioning

The SPA Pricing Cube software is versioned to use increasingly more advanced analytics to generate increasing margin gains. We recommend starting with Silver. You can upgrade at any time by paying the fee difference.

The Silver Pricing Cube™

  • Basic Architecture
  • Data Services: Basic Sensitivity Ratings
  • Pricing Structure: Basic Type-Size Values; and Constant Slopes and Premiums
  • Good Impact: Estimated 1.0x (2% Gain)

The Gold Pricing Cube™

  • Intermediate Architecture
  • Data Services: Dynamic Sensitivity Ratings (more C/D revenue)
  • Pricing Structure: Differential Type-Size Values; and Dynamic Slopes and Premiums
  • Better Impact: Estimated 1.5x (3% Gain)

The Platinum Pricing Cube™

  • Advanced Architecture
  • Data Services: Dynamic Sensitivity Ratings, Type- and Customer-Specific
  • Pricing Structure: Dynamic Type-Size Values and Dynamic Slopes and Premiums; Customer-Specific Sensitivity, Behavioral Scoring and Cost-to-Serve
  • Highest Impact: Estimated 2.0x (4% Gain)