Six Sigma Pricing

Leverage Six Sigma Methodology to Drive Continuous Margin Improvements

A disciplined process is needed to create Pricing Excellence - SPA's Six Sigma training drives real results focused on profitable growth.

"Measure of success at strategic pricing is not how much it increases price but how much it increases profitability."
Thomas Nagle - Professor, University of Chicago

Current State of Pricing

  • Limited negotiation skills
  • Cost + pricing
  • No analytical tools
  • No profitability improvement plans
  • Sales rep discount vs. sell
  • Reactionary pricing tactics
  • Inconsistent pricing structures
  • No growth in GM%
  • Ignores market reality
  • No strategy to improve margins

Six Sigma Pricing

  • Negotiating strategy and tactics
  • Value-based pricing
  • Automated decision making tools
  • Customer Profitability improvement plans
  • Sales team selling value
  • Pricing strategy and leadership
  • Consistent and fair pricing architecture
  • 2 to 4% growth in GM%
  • Pricing based customer sensitivity
  • Continuous improvement focus


"Basic human processes are 4 Sigma at best … 99% good is just not good enough."
Greg Preuer - Former Pricing Director at Cooper Lighting and General Electric

So clearly the latter is the better way to go - but… How do we get there from here? What are the steps and areas of focus that will get us there successfully?

Master Blackbelt Greg Preuer, of SPA has created the first course designed to apply time tested Six Sigma methodology to pricing. Those who study with Greg will learn not only how to drive the pricing process but how to sustain the gains and automate the process. They will become Six Sigma experts (Blackbelt) in business process with a focus placed squarely on price management.

Graduates from this course will learn to chart a clear path to pricing improvement. They will learn each of the following steps:

  • How to design and design goals which are consistent with their company's pricing strategy.
  • How to measure and identify characteristics critical for pricing success.
  • How to analyze the current situation and steps along the way.
  • How to design an improved alternative which moves closer to the desired result.
  • How to verify that actions taken create the right results.

The following are the five areas we will dive into in this blog series that will help illuminate the path to Six Sigma Pricing Excellence.

  1. Define: set roles, responsibilities, and goals for the team in alignment within the business Click here to read a blog on this area
  2. Measure: build correct measurements and incentives for each person Click here to read a blog on this area
  3. Analyze: use reporting tools to find opportunities to grow or challenges to fix Click here to read a blog on this area
  4. Improve: build processes, systems and tools to assist teams and create reporting tools to track improvements Click here to read a blog on this area
  5. Control: set and enforce pricing authority levels and repeat previous steps as continuous improvement never stops Click here to read a blog on this area

Click here to read an interview of Greg about developing a program for training others in a Six Sigma Black Belt of Pricing program. Greg applied the same concepts while successfully serving as the Director of Pricing at Cooper Lighting.

Six Sigma Pricing Training Course

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