Find, Qualify & Engage New Leads That Align With Your Company’s Ability To Profitably Serve To Drive The Vitality And Organic Growth Rate Of Your Business

Finding, qualifying, and engaging new leads that align with your company’s ability to profitably serve them drives the vitality and organic growth rate of your business. Obvious enough, but easier said than done. Sellers often become comfortable just selling their existing accounts, and are often blind to new business opportunities. They are unaware of existing prospects or new entrants in the marketplace, and lack insights into how to qualify, prioritize or engage them. They don’t know whom to talk to (nor whom to avoid), and about what.

SPA’s TargetGPS™ solution is designed to inform prospecting with market-analytics-infused insights to help your sellers be more productive and successful. Data-driven leads are provided by TargetGPS™ and scored according to how their characteristics align with the most profitable existing customers within segment or type.

Specifically, TargetGPS™ helps sellers focus on customer profiles that have characteristics indicating high profitability, revenue stability/stickiness, and odds of success. Beyond knowing where to focus prospecting efforts, TargetGPS™ provides data-driven insights as to what products to lead with to guide the customer relationship down a mutually beneficial path. TargetGPS™ also provides your reps with the buyer contact information to make initial engagement quick and efficient.

Exceptional organic growth requires a commitment to helping your sales reps quickly and efficiently identify and engage with the best prospects.