• Master the ability to quickly assess personality temperaments and types– and proven persuasion and negotiation strategies and techniques for each
  • Identify and understanding key values, motivations and preferred communication styles of each temperament and personality type.
  • Reach agreements quickly and painlessly by learning to "speak the language' of other types and temperaments.
  • Learn to communicate in a manner that is accessible and intuitive to the people with whom you interact.
  • Extend your understanding of PQ to both professional and personal relationships.


What does success mean to you? Higher margins and profits? Higher customer satisfaction? Stronger business relationships? More money? A successful career? Whatever your version of success, negotiation is a critical key to achieve it. We believe negotiation is like a sport. It requires deep knowledge of the subject, specific skills, training, coaching, equipment and continuous practice. SPASIGMA offers the systematic, holistic, long-term approach that professional business people need in order to achieve true mastery of this critical skill-set.

  • Optimal success requires negotiation training. Typically, salespeople are trained to sell, buyers are trained to buy. Buying and selling skills provide one component, but the subject of negotiation is vast and complex. Once exposed to formal negotiation training, experienced professionals are often amazed to learn of the vital areas of opportunity only visible through the lens of negotiation.
  • SPASIGMA seminar leaders have decades of experience training the world’s leading companies in the strategy, art and tactics of professional negotiation. Using a unique mix of multi-media presentations, case studies, role-playing, gamification and negotiation apps, SPASIGMA’s in person seminars in a city near you provide the Big-Bang event to launch a continuous program of negotiation mastery.

SPASIGMA's Personality Quotient (PQ) program is a focused approach to communication that teaches professionals how to improve communication by leveraging personality-type theory. PQ participants are trained to recognize simple clues that allow them to quickly identify the most likely personality type or temperament of whomever they're interacting with. This knowledge can then be used to tailor communication in a way that corresponds to how that person naturally processes information and makes decisions. It's the closest thing a busy professional can get to X-ray vision or extra-sensory perception (ESP).

  • The PQ program is based on the Jung-Myers model, most commonly associated with the MBTI® instrument, the most widely used and well respected model for understanding human behavior. Mastery of the program is cultivated through in-person and virtual training, mobile apps, and daily video content. Market-leading companies worldwide rely upon the same model to improve sales and negotiation effectiveness, team building, managerial training, and career development.

SPA’s Profit Master Training is a virtual training and simulation game that drives mastery among all your team members in how the choices they make in their daily jobs determine your company’s profitability. No more guessing what to do. Every employee can help your company drive greater profits– if they have are continuously trained in the right skills.

ONLINE ACADEMY: Since 1993, thousands of sales and purchasing professionals from over 10,000 businesses have attended SPA Pricing seminars and taken advantage of SPA Pricing Tools and Software. SPASIGMA, the training division of SPA, provides traditional, in-person training, but you get much more than just a class. The "SPASIGMA Online Academy" is designed to solidify concepts covered in our seminars. Success is what happens when state-of-the-art training meets an engaging retention platform, all supported by mobile tools and proven analytics.