Video-Centric, Modular, Adaptable Sales Training Suite Delivered Through Short, Digestible Videos

Marketplace dynamics are changing fast! The buyer's journey is getting shorter, millennials are increasingly the predominant demographic in the workplace, and customers expect unprecedented, personalized service. Accordingly, the core skills of sellers need to adapt to deliver and capture maximum value.

The SPA Modern Sales Foundations™ is a video-centric, modular, adaptable sales training suite delivered through short, digestible videos. Produced in Hollywood, each engaging module develops a key skill or competency necessary to add value in every customer interaction, to develop and build profitable customer bases, and compete and excel in today’s buyer-centric B2B marketplace. The program covers topics from prospect selection and qualification all the way through strategic account management.

Each topic is presented based on industry expert insights and demonstrated through example situations and scenarios. Learners will come away from each module with the ability to implement fundamental strategies and tactics to approach their sales opportunities in an optimal way.