SPASIGMA Negotiation Quotient (NQ) Will Help Increase Your Profitability At All Levels, From One-Shot Transactional Deals To Long-Term Strategic Agreements

Competition today is fierce, and the buyer’s journey has changed. Margins are narrow and shrinking. Your sales team can’t afford to leave value on the table. In simple terms, your team needs the confidence, rigorous preparation, and skills mastery to drive sales growth and profitability.

Our industry-leading Negotiation Quotient offers negotiation strategies and tactics you'll find nowhere else that will immediately drive more profitable agreements. The one-of-a-kind program arms your team with the skills they need to achieve a win-win deal without jeopardizing key relationships.

SPASIGMA Negotiation Quotient will help increase your profitability at all levels, from one-shot transactional deals to long-term strategic agreements.

  • Tactical Negotiation. Eye-opening lessons on pressure and planning provide salespeople with what feels like a secret weapon. Understand the tactics you’re constantly running into and learn how to counter them.
  • Relationship-Focused Negotiation. In long-term business relationships, you can craft true Win-win agreements if you have the skill to create and capture maximum value (Most misunderstand Win-win and leave jaw-dropping amounts of value on the table).
  • Strategic Negotiation. Satisfy your (and your customer’s) true business goals in complex negotiating situations. Discover profit opportunities sitting right under your nose.

Research shows that buyers are three times more likely to receive formal negotiation training, and they negotiate more often. Your sales team can regain a competitive edge with SPASIGMA’s innovative, multi-media program. Negotiation Quotient takes an interactive, multi-faceted approach that includes Hollywood-produced videos, case studies, role-playing, critiques – and plenty of opportunities to practice newly acquired skills.

Participants who master the program will be armed with strategies to:

  • Develop an array of skills to identify and rebalance the other party’s tactics
  • Deploy effective countermeasures in competitive negotiations
  • Develop strategies to craft superior deals
  • Create strong deals even in the face of price pressure
  • Deploy best practices that drive value and defend margin

SPASIGMA’s Negotiation Quotient content is available in formats including virtual, LMS or in-person content delivery.