Understand Yourself, Your Colleagues & Your Loved Ones With An Astounding New Level Of Precision By Leveraging The Power Of SPASIGMA PQ

SPASIGMA's Personality Quotient (PQ) program is a focused approach to communication that teaches professionals how to improve their interactions by leveraging personality-type theory. PQ participants are trained to recognize simple clues that allow them to quickly identify the most likely personality type or temperament of whomever they're interacting with. This knowledge can then be used to tailor communication in a way that corresponds to how that person naturally processes information and makes decisions. It's the closest thing a busy professional can get to X-ray vision or extra-sensory perception (ESP).

The PQ program is based on the Jung-Myers model, most commonly associated with the MBTI® instrument, the most widely used and well-respected model for understanding human behavior. Mastery of the program is cultivated through in-person and virtual training, mobile apps, and daily video content. A key component of PQ is our quick 12min and accurate validated online personality type assessment. As part of the process, participants instantly receive feedback pertaining to what they are trying to accomplish, such as becoming more effective negotiators, salespeople or managers.

The Personality Quotient curriculum is delivered through three virtual, interactive training courses that teach users to recognize and respond to a wide range of personality preferences.

In the PQ 1.0 program, participants explore personality temperament and the effect it has on day-to-day business and personal interactions.

In the PQ 2.0 program, participants learn to tailor their approach to each different personality types in a highly specific manner.

In the PQ 3.0 program, participants bring their understanding of type to the next level by mastering the theory that top personality profiling experts use to read and reach others.

At SPASIGMA, we use leading-edge teaching techniques, modern mobile apps and entertaining daily skill-building exercises to help participants master the art and science of personality profiling. Those who achieve PQ proficiency experience dramatic, noticeable improvements in their personal and professional interpersonal communication; they close more deals; and negotiate more favorable terms for themselves and their employers.

Don’t let avoidable personality clashes get in the way of your personal or professional interactions any longer! Understand yourself, your colleagues and your loved ones with an astounding new level of precision by leveraging the power of PQ.