Profit Master™ Workshop

Where participants learn about the Big Picture of strategic and tactical initiatives

In true SPASIGMA fashion, this seminar is fun, dynamic, and loaded with in-depth insights and learning!

Bridge The Gap Between Value Creation & Value Capture By Focusing On Critical Employee Activities. Connect The Employee Perspective With That Of The Shareholder

SPASIGMA Profit Master™ is a hands-on, simulation-based workshop that bridges the gap between value creation and value capture by focusing on critical employee activities in manufacturers’ or distributors’ supply-chain planning, sourcing/procurement, sales, marketing & fulfillment.

It provides a unique opportunity for participants to comprehend how their business creates profit and how the decisions they make on a daily basis will support or detract from profitability. Ultimately, it promotes a new awareness and competency driving better decisions that are ultimately reflected in your financial statements.

Participants analyze current operating conditions, discover gaps, develop and implement specific tactics in various scenarios to improve business performance in a risk-free learning environment. In today’s competitive, fast-changing business landscape, this program is a must for any organization that needs their professionals to think and act on a daily basis like a business owner. It is essential to the future health and vitality of market leaders.


We form 4−6 simulation teams, each with four managerial roles: Sales, Operations, Finance and Business Strategist. Over several simulated business cycles, each team sets up strategic goals, makes business decisions, and manages processes, competing to become the most successful and profitable company. They must deliver on specific financial targets such as GM%, Earnings Before Tax (EBT), Inventory Turns and Return on Net Assets (RONA). Participants must meet these objectives in a dynamic, competitive marketplace.

Sales Managers compete for orders. The supplier with the best combination of value and price wins; trade-offs are made in price versus value delivery to optimize profitability. They learn the role of analytics and negotiation skills in improving their win rate, profitability and commission. Critically, they will master the critical insight and related skills of how seemingly small adjustments in their daily decisions and actions cumulative
Operations is responsible for all supply-chain activities and must coordinate with sales to anage the inventory in an efficient manner while fulfilling orders in the marketplace
Finance must ensure the firm is working within the established budget
Business Strategists must understand the big picture and develop and execute appropriate plans.

The SPASIGMA Profit Master™ simulation is facilitated by a SPASIGMA leader with years of experience in financial training, profit analytics and negotiation training. This program is a must for any organization that needs their professionals to think and act on a daily basis like a business owner—to connect the employee perspective with that of the shareholder.