relationship Quotient Seminar

In today's business environment, everything can be commoditized, digitized, or outsourced… except for relationships!

Through the one-day Relationship Quotient seminar, industry leader Ed Wallace provides a dynamic and workable model for launching your business relationships to new levels of trust, profitability and value generation.

When it comes to meeting targets, 89% of executives believe that strong client relationships are the reason why they meet their targets each year – and yet less than 1 in 20 companies provide specific strategies for strengthening client relationships. The power of leveraging business relationships to accelerate deals, negotiate better terms and meet sales targets is one that sales leaders simply can't afford to overlook any longer.

In the one-day Relationship Quotient workshop, bestselling author and thought leader Ed Wallace facilitates a highly interactive seminar in which participants will learn how to prioritize, measure relationship strength, and develop strategies to advance their most important business relationships connected to their real performance objectives.

Key drivers of relational success will be introduced, such as:

Determining relational GPS® - the road map to relational success
Max the taxi driver's examples of the importance of refocusing on the power of "relational capital" and the "principle of worthy intent" in a digital world
Internalizing the Relational Ladder ® so participants can distinguish themselves with every customer and business interaction
Using the RQ Assessment to track the strength of participants’ most important business relationships
Upon successful completion of this seminar, sales professionals will experience improved overall performance, increased sales velocity, better visibility into key relationships, reduced revenue risk, higher customer loyalty and "Competitor-proof" client relationships.


Introduction: The Power of Worthy Intent
Course Overview
The Essential Qualities of Relational Capital
Relational GPS: The Roadmap to Relational Success
Action Planning
The Relational Ladder® Overview
Relational Ladder® Steps
Establishing Common Ground
Developing Targeted Conversations
Applying the ROC process to initial meetings
Displaying Integrity and Trust
Using Time Purposefully
Offering Help
Asking for Help
Relational Capital Gains
RQ Assessment Analysis
Complete Action Plans
Summary and Q&A