A Company's Wealth & Knowledge Are Directly Related to its Human Capital

In today’s competitive, quickly-changing marketplace, a company is only as valuable as what its customer-facing teams cumulatively know, share and apply to solve customers’ needs. Digging deeper, we see that a company's people only know what they:

•      Learn and retain

•      Share with and gain from others

•      Apply to their jobs

Ultimately, a company’s knowledge is only monetizable in how it can deliver value to the customer. Just as every company has intellectual property, financial and physical assets, its human capital can provide the foundation for a new economic asset, its Knowledge Repository. The Knowledge Repository is the accumulated know-how, performance skills, customer insights and application expertise. For too long, this critical human capital lacked a platform to grow, share, and apply to the customer-facing activities of its employees. This gap in capability is only more noticeable in outside sales organizations with teams spread across a large geography.

The old paradigms of tightly packed classroom hours composed of PowerPoint decks or lone students logging on to traditional learning portals do not meet the Knowledge Repository standard. These methods are being replaced by modern technologies and learning philosophies that borrow key elements from social media, entertainment, and gaming. Modern learning’s critical differentiators include the following:

·       Simple, intuitive interface

·       Focused, bite-size learning; a few minutes rather than an hour presentation

·       Social & Mobile: easy to consume, authentic peer-to-peer interaction

·       Emphasis on critical skills and customer insights rather than a linear formal selling process

·       Crowd-sourcing of tactical knowledge: every member of the community shares valuable skills, market insights and practical knowledge

Aligning your organization’s learning strategy to these modern characteristics allows your employees to learn the way they prefer to. These days, if someone’s headlight burns out in their car, they immediately go to YouTube to find help on how to change it. The owner’s manual and detailed technical guides that are published for every car on the market are certainly available. However, the two-minute video of another owner of the same car showing how it’s done winds up being the easiest way to get the necessary information quickly.

It’s time to bring your learning approach up to speed with today’s technology and understanding of information transfer. 

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