SPA Sponsors Sales 3.0 Conference & Drives Conversation on the Human Side of Sales

Selling today requires both people and technology, and new skills are required to leverage both effectively in an era of rapidly changing buyer expectations.

That was the underlying message driven at each session at the Sales 3.0 Conference in San Francisco, March 12-13.

Selling Power Founder and event host Gerhard Gschwandtner set the tone for the conference, when, during his opening remarks, he said: “Technology is here to serve us, not the other way around.” Subsequent speakers largely adopted this attitude as they delivered lessons on negotiation tactics, the role of artificial intelligence, delivering accurate forecasts and the importance of strong, collaborative leadership in an era of change.

SPA was proud to be a premier sponsor for the event and contribute to the conversation with CEO David Bauders’ sessions on “Driving Profitable Growth in the Cognitive Era,” “Mind-Reading Your Customer: The Power of Personality in Sales” and “Building a Sales Stack.” Thank you to everyone who participated in these sessions and stopped by to visit at our booth!

In his sessions, David addressed the importance of having the right skills to thrive in a world with Artificial Intelligence, imploring attendees not to neglect training as they introduce more technology. After all, AI could easily replace a sales rep if all they do is process customer orders. (That has already happened in the consumer space.) Sellers, whose role is changing, must do much more to add value.

“Anything can be automated, commoditized or outsourced, except for relationships,” David shared. But to build “competitor-proof relationships,” sellers need “different skills for a different era.”

SPA is enabling companies to thrive in today’s market by helping them develop four critical skills areas:

·       Negotiation Quotient: The ability to get paid for the customer value that you add and drive profitable deals.

·       Personality Quotient: The ability to read and reach the diverse individuals you sell to.

·       Relationships Quotient: The ability to build and sustain competitor-proof customer relationships.

·       Profit Quotient: An understanding of how your company, and your customer’s company, make a profit, and the ability to help them drive profitable growth now and in the future.

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