Webcast: Six Sigma Strategic Pricing: How to Leverage Six Sigma Methodology to Drive Profitable Growth

“Basic human processes are 4 Sigma at best … 99% good is just not good enough.” Greg Preuer – Former Pricing Director at Cooper Lighting and General Electric The webinar will be held June 15, 2017 at 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM EDT and will provide an overview of SPA’s Six Sigma Strategic Pricing Course. Six Sigma Master Blackbelt Greg Preuer of SPA has created the first course designed to apply time tested Six Sigma methodology to pricing. Those who complete the program will learn not only how to drive the pricing process towards excellence, they will also learn how to sustain the gains and automate the process. They will become Six Sigma experts (Blackbelt) in business process with a focus placed squarely on price management.

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Why Six Sigma Pricing Training? In short - graduates will improve margins by making better pricing decisions…with better processes and decision making tools. Graduates from this course will learn to chart a clear path to pricing improvement.

They will learn each of the following steps:

  1. How to design and design goals which are consistent with their company’s pricing strategy
  2. How to measure and identify characteristics critical for pricing success
  3. How to analyze the current situation and steps along the way
  4. How to design an improved alternative which moves closer to the desired result
  5. How to verify that actions taken create the right results.

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